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We are a team that specialises in supporting conception and pregnancy. We use Traditional Chinese Medicine, clinical nutrition, coaching and our extensive experience in the field of comprehensive reproductive medicine. Thanks to the experience gained in the months of lock-down (2020), we now understand that remote monitoring is not only feasible, but also leads to optimal results.
Our mission is to assist you towards pregnancy and the resulting birth of a healthy child, in an effective, safe and most natural way possible.
We offer a personalised service which you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home, thus offering you privacy and comfort. Thanks to our online management system, it is possible to meet and exchange information on the web in complete confidence, as if it were happening in the office.
The best medicine: the medicine of the individual. Our primary goal is to promote fertility. Our method integrates Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nutrition and psychological-emotional Coaching. We treat those who are on the path of natural conception, as well as those who decide to use medical-assisted conception.
What distinguishes us from others is the fact that we combine the best evidence provided by research alongside our extensive professional experience. This way we can ensure the best results possible. We evaluate, plan and carry out a custom-built treatment for you.

Who is BeFertile Online for?

BeFertile Online is aimed at all those who want to conceive, either naturally or with medically-assisted reproduction methods and are at any stage or moment of the journey "towards a new life":

  • Those, still awaiting answers
  • Those, who have received a diagnosis
  • Those, who wish to start a medically assisted reproduction journey (or who already have)
  • Those, who have already experienced the loss of one or more pregnancies
  • Those, who are seeking a more natural support during pregnancy
Whatever your situation is, we are there for you.
You are always welcome to book an online appointment with us.

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How does BeFertile Online work?

Each user of BeFertile Online is asked to request a first interview (initial assessment) with one of our case managers. During the video call, a detailed medical record is drawn up that will allow us to collect the necessary data for each individual case.

If possible, the first interview takes place in the presence of both future parents and lasts approximately 70-90 minutes.

Based on everything we find and discuss together, a strategy is planned and applied that may include individual coaching sessions, food consultations and a series of indications on lifestyle, diet and the possible use of Chinese herbal medicine and supplements. Usually a follow-up meeting with your case manager takes place on a monthly basis, during which you can communicate your progress and clarify any doubts.

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An online service

We know that the experience of being able to meet in person can be invaluable and sometimes irreplaceable. In fact, we see and deal with large numbers of people in our practices on a daily basis. However, we understand that much of our work can also be carried out remotely, with notable advantages for all.
The advantages of online consultations are undeniable. Even people who were skeptical towards this method have come to change their opinion, even making it a favourable experience and recognising its positive sides:

  1. No commute
  2. Savings on travel costs
  3. No waiting, immediate access to the consultation

Adding to all this, everything can be discussed in the comfort of one's own home, together with an online management system that allows us to have everything under control: appointments, documents, payments, forms and notifications.
Be Fertile
We operate through a professional platform with the highest standards in safety and quality of service.

Choose the day and time of your consultation

Go to Check the availability in our calendar and choose the day and time that best suit you. Can't find a slot for your consultation? No problem, register on the waiting list and we will contact you as soon as an appointment time becomes available.

The Online Consultation

30 minutes before the appointment time, you will receive a link that will allow you access to a virtual room. A case manager will talk to you during the video call, in which a detailed medical file will be filled out that will allow us to collect the necessary data for each individual case. We can then draw up and prepare a personalised therapeutic plan.

The journey

Based on everything we find and discuss together, we will plan a strategy that may include individual coaching sessions, nutritional advice and a series of advice on lifestyle, including Chinese herbal medicine and supplements.

Areas of Expertise

We are specialized in Naturopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dietetics and Integrated Psychotherapy.
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