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Frequent asked Questions (FaQ) - Befertile Online

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What kind of service is offered by BeFertile Online?
BeFertile Online offers video counsultations on fertility and pregnancy. The service is delivered through a dedicated platform by experts in natural conception support.
How does it work?
Why is it necessary to schedule the first session with a case manager?
I have a medical diagnosis of infertility, can I solve it with BeFertile Online?
Can I use the services of BeFertile Online even though I am already undergoing reproductive endocrinology or IVF treatment?
Why is the team made up of different practitioners from different disciplines  and why should I follow a path based on these methods?
How many sessions are required?
How much does the service cost?
Do I have to pay in advance for the sessions?
What happens if I can't show up for my appointment?
What happens if, due to a technical problem, the session cannot be started or has to be interrupted?
Can I apply for a refund to my medical insurance?
Is using the Jane Platform (the BeFertile Online provider) safe?
Are sessions recorded? What are the terms of confidentiality?
How is Jane Data Secured?
Who has access to my data?

Areas of Expertise

We are specialized in Naturopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dietetics and Integrated Psychotherapy.
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